Before I share my list: am I the only one who thinks of this song when seeing people post their list? (it’s okay if it’s only me, really. At least I’ve made you listen to one of my favourite songs!)

First heard from @maique about Duel of the Defaults and then started reading all defaults posts and had to make mine too.

I did add a category, because I’m a reader πŸ˜€

Oh and I annotate. A lot. Not going to apologise for that!

  • Mail Server: not fancy enough for one πŸ˜€
  • Mail Client: OnMail
  • Notes: Notes app. Was using Bear and love it, but not enough to pay subscription fees.
  • To-Do: pencil to paper, some long term lists in Notes app
  • Photo Shooting: iOS camera app + film and digital cameras
  • Photo Management: Photos app
  • Calendar: Google Calendar (but only because I share a calendar with a non-Apple husband)
  • Cloud file storage: Sync
  • RSS: NetNewsWire
  • Contacts: Contacts
  • Browser: Firefox (sometimes Safari)
  • Chat: gChat, WhatsApp, discord
  • Bookmarks: Notes app and browser. Did use for a while, but I like everything in one place.
  • Read It Later: Notes. Have a list of links for when I am in the mood to read.
  • Word Processing: Ulysses
  • Spreadsheets: Numbers
  • Presentations: don’t use it
  • Shopping Lists: Google Keep (see: Calendar)
  • Meal Planning: pencil to paper
  • Budgeting & Personal Finance: Numbers + pencil to paper for my personal budget
  • News: as little as possible
  • Music: Vinyl, Sansa clip or lofi girl on youtube when I’m writing :)
  • Podcasts: Podcasts app
  • Password Management: Bitwarden
  • Photo Editing: Photos app, on Mac mostly
  • Books: Books app for reading, Calibre for managing (as an aside: buy your books on kobo or ebooks, then you have them on your hard drive instead of on a device locked to one seller!)